With goover it is simple to manage your cross-border trade. Straight-forward modules allow you to dedicate more time to the important things in your growing business, while maximizing the benefits of cross-border e-commerce. Inventory management, product management, and many more functions to explore!


With goover you will be able to use our network of trusted partners, enabling costs reductions in many ways!


Our transparent processes let you know where your delivery is, helping you staying informed and keeping your customers happy!


Manage multiple sales channels simultaneously from one central system. No more wasting time logging into several platforms.

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Integration of marketplaces

goover is 100% integrated with the marketplaces and Shop CMS of your choice.

Automated information synchronization reduces operational costs and speeds up order management.

FULL Cross Border E-commerce Supply chain Integration

Unifying all CBE participants into a single easy-to-use management solution facilitates seamless collaboration, complete transparency
and process efficiency.

Inspection offices

Book pre-shipment inspections through goover and we assign a trusted inspector for you. You will receive reports and can be sure that your order meets your requirements!

Export warehouses

Orders from suppliers are delivered to an export agent's local warehouse, where orders are consolidated into one large batch and delivered to the destination country. This way we are able to save many costs!

Freight forwarding

Freight forwarding agents will arrange export and import to the destination country as well as the inland transport to your customer directly or through a fulfillment warehouse, in cooperation with customs clearance agents.

Customs clearance

Authorized customs clearance agents arrange the smooth transition of shipments between the countries for you!


We have teamed up with Royal Mail UK to easily arrange deliveries directly to your customers in the UK, with full integration in goover!

Fulfillment warehouses

You can use your own warehouse or use one of our fully integrated fulfillment warehouses. Let us do the picking and packing!

Expert Services for reasonable prices

You are specialized on cross-border e-commerce? You want to expand your sales in UK or your sourcing activities in China? Through a combination of a fully automated software system mixed with semi-automated services that weren't available for lower budgets before, goover offers a unique solution particularly for the fast growing field of cross-border e-commerce transactions. Find out about our extensive set of features and make use of various benefits in order to get ahead of your competitors. 

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our Features


The Dashboard is the home of goover. In this view you can see statistics and summarized key data about every workflow. Immediately see how many deliveries have been shipped, how many products are out of stock, or how many invoices are unpaid, and many other information.


Input product details once in goover instead of managing them separately for every sales channel. With goover you can simply list your products on several online marketplaces. You can also add marketplace-related details for meeting the different needs, as well as product variations.


Manage multiple warehouses and inventories in one single view. You can add warehouses with only one click! goover communicates with FISHBOWL and synchronizes your inventories on multiple marketplaces, preventing you from overselling. The out-of-stock alarm function helps you to always have enough products in stock.


The freight forwarding module manages the transfer of products.
In this view you can easily see the status for every delivery. Furthermore, all the information you need can be found here, such as waybill number, product information, quantities, weight, location, invoice, packing lists and many more.


With goover you can easily manage your sales orders in one central point. No need to login to several sales platforms to collect your sales orders. Order details, such as product information, payment status and tracking numbers can be obtained from this module. Refunds can easily be managed when orders are cancelled. The buyer receives his money and the inventory is restocked.


goover gives you the ability to order an inspection of the goods you have ordered, before shipping. This helps you to make quality management less time consuming and protects you from buying faulty products. Furthermore, due diligence reports on the suppliers are available, giving you reliable and trustworthy information on suppliers.

Returns management

Returns can take much time – time that is needed for focusing on other important aspects. The return module in goover automates the return process, which is initiated by the customer through a link in the email correspondence during the buying process. The only thing left is to confirm if a return is valid or not.


The billing module communicates with QuickBooks and accesses invoices that have been added. Unpaid and paid invoices can be filtered and found in this module with ease!

goover Advantage

Core Advantages of goover

Using goover you can benefit from the following advantages:

Holistic ecosystem

With goover you can manage all your business needs for cross-border e-commerce within one single system. Everything in one place. Save time and be more efficient: With goover you can focus on the important things in your business!

Unique set of features

Our modular system provides you with features custom-built for cross-border e-commerce. The system allows for adding new modules with new features in no time, providing you with the features you need. With goover’s features you are able to overcome the barriers of cross-border trade and provide superior services to your customers!

Competitive pricing

With goover you can save money. Our monthly subscription plans are one of the most favorable on the market. This is possible because of our unique and reliable partners. We want to enable small and medium sized merchants to get the most out of their business, saving costs and ultimately creating a win-win situation for everyone!

Risk-free trial period

You are not sure wether goover is the right solution for you? Use our 30 day test period without limitations! Try everything out and when you are convinced by goover chose one of our subscription plans that suits your business!

Why Goover

This is why goover is the solution of your choice:

Bring your business to the next level
With goover you can focus on your core business and grow to become a more successful merchant. We take away the hassle of time-consuming multi-channel management and provide you with smooth processes that enable you to step up your business to the next level.
Conquer new markets
Have you ever thought of expanding into new markets? With goover you can easily enlarge your range of products, being able to tap into new markets with lower risk. We make it easy to discover new opportunities for your business!
Get a competitive edge
With goover you will be able to outperform your competitors by easily selling more in a more efficient way and saving costs. Provide your customers with unique products from all over the world!

about us

Passion and COmpetence

Pan Britannia Ltd. specializes in the provision of e-commerce, international trade, and logistical services. Our strong research and development background, coupled with our extensive experience and expertise in the logistics and information sectors makes us the unrivalled choice in Europe for comprehensive advice and project management that propels the bottom line of your business.

Leveraging our consulting experience, goover is born out of the non-existence of available solutions in order to solve problems and satisfy needs our clients are facing on a daily basis. With the strong vision to eliminate the boundaries of nowadays international e-commerce for small and medium online merchants, the passionate founders of Pan Britannia Ltd. are pursuing an ambitious goal.

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